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Composites Forecasts and Consulting, LLC (CFC) is dedicated to the subject of advanced composite materials – in particular carbon fiber reinforced composites - and their use in such industries, including: aerospace, defense, alternative energy, industrial, and consumer products. CFC’s principal, Chris Red, is widely recognized as a subject matter expert on this subject, having authored and contributed to many dozens of industry’s trade publications, technical and marketing seminars and presentations. These works have leveraged CFC’s extensive quantitative analysis of composite applications, and understanding of historic and current technical developments to provide superior near- and long-term competitive business analysis.

It is CFC’s vision to become the preeminent provider of strategic information, market research, and forward looking forecasts for the carbon fibers and advanced composites industries. Our products and services are designed to provide composites companies and investors with the knowledge needed to make critical business decisions. By focusing our expertise in this area, we can enable our clients to spend more of their time and resources on their unique strengths and connecting with the right people and organizations to grow their business.

Market Research Reports

CFC operates under the premise that EVERYONE NEEDS RELIABLE DATA-BASED INFORMATION AS A FOUNDATION FOR GOOD BUSINESS DECISIONS. For this reason, we have invested a considerable portion of our time and resources to developing a family of composites market research reports. These reports are designed to rapidly convey a wide range of useful information and statistical information in a way that is immediately useful, accountable, and far more cost-effective than competitor products. A unique feature of these report products is the 1-on-1 interaction and follow-up consultations with the reports’ author – allowing you to ask questions and leverage CFC’s expertise to your specific interests in these subject matters.


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