Market and Strategic Intelligence for the Advanced Composites Industry

B777X Program Making Big Waves in Composites

Over the past few years, I have expressed the opinion that the production of commercial aircraft will taper off beginning in 2019. This opinion was based on a number of factors, including: Slower demand growth for new aircraft in the developing economies of Asia and South America; The expectation for another significant economy crisis impacting…

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10-Year Composite Aerospace Webinar

Day: April 20, 2016                               Time: 2:00 PM On April 20, 2016 I will be teaming up with CompositesWorld to do something new. We will be hosting a 1-hr webinar, “10-year Global Aerospace Markets for CFRP and Advanced Composites.” This program, staring at 2pm EST (see for more details:, will detail the markets and demand…

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Growing Fleet of Paper Airplanes

High loft airfoil design with laminated rib and stiffeners

In my last and first write-up about my paper airplane hobby I had put forth two goals. The first one was to build a small, slow glider that I could control with a smart phone. Sadly, I am not the first person to ever think about this. In doing some research if found PowerUp on…

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New Market Research Reports Available!

Engine Report_Cover image

The life on an independent consultant is something of a challenge to manage. As many who have tried to make a living as a full-time consultant know, it is a situation of either feast or famine. The first few months of the year were exceptionally quiet. The last two months have been profusely busy. The…

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Laminated Composite Planes

Prototype of the Flying Fish Mk1 model

There is a not-so-old saying: “A man cannot live by triathlon alone.” Okay, well only an aspiring triathlete would say that. With that being said, I am in training from my next big race, the 2014 Arizona Ironman in November. I am often preoccupied by when I will run my next 13 mile training run,…

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