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Taking a Further Look at Automotive CFRP


It has been a while since my last postings about aircraft interiors. Quite a few things have happened in the time between. After attending and speaking at the CompositesWorld Carbon Fibers 2013 conference in December, I have come away with a strong sense that the market for carbon fiber reinforced composites is starting to grow…

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Aircraft Interiors Conundrum

Today's commercial aircraft burn half as much fuel as their early predecessors

I recently returned from Seattle, Washington where the Aircraft Interiors EXPO Americas was held in conjunction with CompositesWorld’s High Performance Composites for Aircraft Interiors exhibition. The overall tenor of the events was relatively upbeat, with industry wide sales showing substantial improvements over last year and the year prior. The general upward trend in the industry…

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CFRP Automotive Market Revving Up…But Still in Second Gear


BMW has stirred up a hornet’s nest of anticipation within the carbon composites community. To be sure, I believe that the i3 will be a smashing success for carbon composites…and marketing coup for BMW. BMW is already planning on an i8 supercar, and has released a number of other “i” concept cars for the public’s…

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The Under Appreciated Aircraft Cabin

Aeras Seat Design

I recently got back from the CompositesWorld’s High-Performance Composites for Aircraft Interiors. Aircraft interiors are not a commonly publicized item within the aerospace industry.  Despite the intimate contact that airline customers have with the cabin and how the cabin functions, it seems that people are only concerned with aircraft interiors when something goes wrong, or…

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