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New Market Research Reports Available!

The life on an independent consultant is something of a challenge to manage. As many who have tried to make a living as a full-time consultant know, it is a situation of either feast or famine. The first few months of the year were exceptionally quiet. The last two months have been profusely busy. The down time gave me the opportunity to pursue some of my personal interests and plot my next plan for market research domination of the world. lol
So as the colloquialism states, “What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to…compile everything we know about composites into a database environment for other people to use.” Okay, so that’s not exactly how the phrase goes, but this gets to the mater of this posting. Unabashedly, I have put together three new market research reports based on some of the work that I have been doing and they are now available for sale through this website!

New Releases!(click to view report description)
1) The Global Market for Carbon Fiber Composites: 2013-2022
2) The Emergence of CFRP in Mass Production Automobiles: 2013-2022
3) The Opportunity for Advanced Composites in Aircraft Engines and Nacelles: 2013-2022

I also have a few others that are in works, and hope to have at least three others available before the end of the year related to aerospace and alternative energy.
I can almost hear you saying “Okay…great, congratulations. But, why should I be interested? ” As many of you who have followed this blog or my other works know, I am a “stats and numbers” guy.  I could give you a detailed accounting of the millions of data points that go into making each of these reports. I feel that my “ground-up” approach – following the development and production of components, tying those to specific programs, annual production volumes, and then integrating all of that knowledge into the top-level understanding of what drives the market – provides strong accountability and allows the audience to integrate what else they know about the market to enhance that perspective. So, while I believe that the CFC market research reports are the best in class for the accuracy and breadth of the information they contain, what really sets them apart from products offered by other companies are 3 things: form, usability, and price.
As some of you know, I am a regular a speaker lecturer on the subject of CFRP and composites. For this I have prepared a number of extensive reports that encapsulate much of the knowledge that I have developed over the years. I have received a lot of comments and requests to use these presentations from a variety of people and companies. In doing so, I have supported a large number of strategic marketing plans, business and grant proposals, public regulatory statements, magazine articles, academic theses and white papers. I am glad to made those contributions and have taken a number of lessons as to what my clients typically need – good information and fast. At the same time, I have had a chance to listen to many people about what they don’t like about traditional reports.
My solution has been to build some up-to-date slide decks and support these with some easily accessible data tables and appendices. The decks are very detailed and contain a large amount of data and actionable facts and observations. Not only do you get the full decks, the supporting appendices, and the ability to quickly assimilate that information into your own information database, these reports offer something that the other reports don’t, can’t, or won’t…1-on-1 interaction with the author. For each report sold, I will schedule a session to present the report and then provide an additional opportunity to ask questions and probe the data further. The objective of this data is to allow me to customize the presentation to make sure that the information presented addresses your specific needs and concerns.
The best part about all of this is that I am able to provide the report, accompanying materials, and a direct connection and follow-on support for about half of what competitors offer their reports (which often sound like regurgitations of public company annual and quarterly reports). I promise that one of my reports will give and your business team more in four hours than what you can get out of a competing market research report…at a truly attractive cost and from someone who has spent their entire professional career focused on the subject of advanced composites.