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Reports - Composites Forecasts & Consulting
Market and Strategic Intelligence for the Advanced Composites Industry

CFC operates under the premise that everyone needs reliable data-based information as a foundation for good business decisions. For this reason, we invested our time and resources into the creation of an innovative range of market research products.  These reports leverage CFC’s founder’s nearly two decades of experience in the industry, as well as historical data spanning back more than four decades – to the early days of the CFRP industry. Each of these reports are based on a “ground-up”, application-by-application analysis of the market that provides a high level of confidence and accountability for the top-level trends and forecasted business activity over the 10-year forecasts.

Based on numerous requests from people and companies for this type of information, CFC is organizing its growing knowledge of the markets for advanced composites into a series of research reports to support a range of business planning and market awareness purposes. Often, when clients are seeking this type of information, there is an immediate and specific purpose. To this end, CFC has departed from the traditional written report format to leverage more multi-media intensive and flexible platforms to aid in quick assimilation of the data, repurpose useful charts, data, and illustrations, and provides 1-on-1 interaction with the report’s author. This personal service allows you the opportunity to ask questions and probe the content in ways that our competitors won’t.

Current Releases:


2014-2023 Global Composites Aerostructures Market Outlook

1) 2014-2023 Global Composite Aerostructures Market Outlook

Over the past four decades the use of composite materials in the construction of modern aircraft has undergone a remarkable transformation. Initially, application of carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fibers, and other reinforced composites was confined to small fairings and non-critical flight structures on a limited number of programs. As the science of manufacturing composites has evolved, so has its use. Read more




Engine Report_Cover image

2) The Opportunity for Advanced Composites in Aircraft Engines and Nacelles: 2013-2022

At the heart of aircraft operating performance and costs are their propulsion systems. It is not surprising then that engine manufacturers have been aggressively pursuing advanced composite structures as a means to satisfy their customer’s evolving needs. Over the past two decades, composites have become widely used in a growing number “fan section” and nacelle structures for today’s turbofan jet engines. Read more


Auto Cover Image

3) The Emergence of CFRP in Mass Production Automobiles: 2013-2022

The emergence of mass-production automobile CFRP applications over the next decade could rival or exceed opportunities for growth in civil aerospace, defense, energy, and consumer product industries. This represents a tremendous opportunity and challenge to the composites supply chain – representing billions of dollars in capital expenditures. Understanding the nature of those opportunities is critical to successfully developing business growth strategies and deploying business capital and human resources. Read more



4) Global Markets for Carbon Fiber Composites: 2013-2022

Over the past two decades, the use of these materials has grown rapidly as a means of extending fuel efficiency, improving performance, and enabling new and exciting products for industries and general consumers. This report begins with a discussion of value of carbon fiber materials, and the global supply base for this strategic material. The main focus of this report, however, is focused on the markets and opportunities that are driving growth in demand for these materials and related technologies, delving into the three major sectors: Aerospace, Consumer products, and Industrial/Energy applications. Read more


Upcoming Reports:

2017-2023 Global Opportunities for Advanced Composites in Commercial & Regional Transport Aircraft

2017-2023 Demand for Composites in Wind and Alternative Energy Production

Customized Market Research:

CFC tracks and holds data on a wide range of industries, spanning aerospace and defense, industrial, energy, sporting goods, and consumer products. If you are interested in a subject matter that is not listed above, or would like to address a specific market niche or other considerations, CFC can provide you with a customized research package based on your specific needs. If you are interested in discussing options for a proprietary research project, please contact us to see how we might be able to fulfill your needs.