Market and Strategic Intelligence for the Advanced Composites Industry

The Opportunity for Advanced Composites in Aircraft Engines and Nacelles: 2013-2022

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Over the past four decades the use of composite materials in the construction of modern aircraft has undergone a remarkable transformation. Initially, application of carbon fiber- and glass fiber-reinforced composites were confined to small fairings and non-critical flight structures. In 2012, more than 18 million pounds of finished composite structures were delivered to or manufactured by aerospace OEMs, representing a value of $6.5 B (excluding engineering or other value-added services). At this volume, the market for aerospace composites volumes has doubled over the past 10-years.

Over the next 10-years growth is expected to double again.This observation supports the widespread and growing acceptance of advanced composites; however, not all of the opportunities present within the aerospace marketplace show the same potential. At the heart of aircraft operating performance and costs are their propulsion systems. It is not surprising then that engine manufacturers have been aggressively pursuing advanced composite structures as a means to satisfy their customer’s evolving needs. Over the past two decades, composites have become widely used in a growing number “fan section” and nacelle structures for today’s turbofan jet engines. Between 2013 and 2022, engine OEMs are anticipated to require more than 40 million pounds of composite engine components, representing a delivered value in excess of $12 billion. This report is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis for understanding current activities related to composite aeroengine components and the opportunities that this competitive market place presents.

 Table of Contents
Section 1Introduction
Section 2Study Scope and Methodology
Section 3Executive Summary
Section 4Turbofan Engine Market Basics
Section 5Engine OEM Products and Activity
Section 6Engine Tier Supplier Activity
Section 7Manufacturing and Materials Analysis
Section 8Summary and Conclusions

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